“Since most of us spend our lives doing everyday tasks, the most important thing is to do them extraordinarily well.”

Glenn Murcutt



Architect graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona in 2007. University Specialist in Urban Planning Law and Territorial Planning from the University of the Balearic Islands in 2012. He has worked as a student in Italy (Palermo 2004) and Spain (Barcelona 2005/2006 ) and as an architect in England (London 2007/2008) before settling permanently in Mallorca.

Member of the COAIB since 2008, member of the AAEPF (Group of Expert and Forensic Architects) and judicial expert since 2011, he has developed his profession with his own studio since 2008, combining the development of his own projects with collaborations with other architects. In the years 2014, 2015 and 2016 he completed his training in the field of civil, administrative and tax law of the profession by participating in the Selective Tests for the Corps of Architects at the service of the Public Treasury.

He is in love with the islands and sports, and in his daily life it is easy to find him in the different clubs and sports fields on the island of Mallorca.


Architect – Technical Architect

Architect graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia in 2008. Technical Architect and Master of Conservation of Architectural Heritage in 2002 from the UPV and Master of Landscape and Restoration from the UIB in 2014. He has worked in the field of teaching at the Higher School of Design of the Balearic Islands and at the Institut Politècnic.

He has worked as a teacher of interior design and civil works projects. Additionally, as a technical architect he has directed several projects and worked at Qualitas OCT. Since 2008 he has had an open architect and technical architect studio where he carries out multiple tasks related to construction, from projects and execution of renovations and new construction, to competitions and expert reports, etc. Since 2011 he has had his own company, GrupoITE, dedicated to carrying out Building Inspection.



Architect graduated from the Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona in 2008 and member of the COAIB since 2009, after several years of professional experiences in Barcelona, Copenhagen and Sydney, he settled permanently in Mallorca, where he has practiced the profession collaborating with important studios of the island in the field of architecture and urban planning.

In parallel, he has collaborated with NGOs on projects focused on sustainable architecture, as well as rehabilitation, urban planning and landscaping projects in Mallorca. Specialized in the use of 3D programs and rendering, he has also collaborated in the nautical-sports industry.

He has taken numerous courses and participated in exhibitions related to traditional architecture, energy efficiency and sustainable construction.


In 2009, once they finished their studies and returned to the island, Erik, Fede and Joan Vicenç came together to hold a competition for a residential housing building in Molinar, in which they were awarded, and since then they have remained in contact well. collaborating or carrying out projects together.

In 2016 they decided to form a studio and founded NAU ARQUITECTURA.